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Using Batik Fabrics In Your Design


Black Forest Quilting offers Batik fabrics from the SewBatik company.

Batik fabrics are hand-made in Indonesia by highly skilled batik craftspeople.  Like all hand made products, no two yards are exactly alike.  While SewBatik has gone to great lengths to standardize their fabrics to insure that you have a consistent experience each time you order their batiks, you will experience subtle differences in pattern, color and feel from one yard to the next.  Like paint, clay and other art media, these variables are all part of the unique charm of working with batik and contribute to the fabrics' special appeal.   Your completed projects will be one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be treasured and admired for their beauty and individuality.

SewBatik offers a wide array of batik fabrics, quilt and non-quilt kits, bundles, and quilting and crafting accessories. We know there are days when you have extra time to browse page after page of fabrics and kits looking for something special. Other times you want to quickly find a specific hand-dyed batik, stamped batik or wide batik backing to complete your project. We have a display of batik samples at our studio and you can drop by to select the one that is best for your project.

Pre-Wash your fabrics; batik fabrics contain wax and dye and must be cared for properly prior to using in quilting and crafting projects. SewBatik recommends pre-washing all new fabrics to minimize shrinkage and transfer of color using Woolite Dye Magnet or Synthrapol, a concentrated surfactant. Woolite Dye Magnet is available in the laundry products aisle of most supermarkets. Synthrapol is available from Black Forest Quilting.

SewBatik fabrics are created with the same attention to detail that you give to your special projects. Designed to be used in a variety of applications, SewBatik fabrics are made using the ancient Indonesian mastery of batik - vivid and rich in color, the perfect complement to your creative genius. Your imagination knows no limits,  and SewBatik has created 104" stamped batik backings and 108" hand dyed fabrics - by far the largest assortment in the market. SewBatik is committed to offering the largest selection of coordinating fabrics in the industry. Whether you pick one of their 100% silk batiks, velvety soft batik flannels, or 104" batik backings, you will choose from a multitude of colors that work harmoniously with many other pieces in their collections.

To assist the artist in you, SewBatik collections are designed with the complete project in mind. Select from a wide array of project kits created with an easy-to-follow pattern and all of the fabric pieces needed to complete the project. Mix and match on your own, knowing that all SewBatik fabrics are made by master Indonesian craftspeople using the same hand-stamped and hand-dyed techniques for each piece, assuring you continuity in your project.

SewBatik fabrics are special. They will not sacrifice the integrity of their products by mass marketing these unique designs and fine artistry. You will only find them at a “Batik Associate” like Black Forest Quilting or the SewBatik website.  

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