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 Thread Colors

We offer several different types of thread in many different colors.
See detailed color charts to your left. 

  Superior King Tut Variegated Color Cotton

King Tut Thread is a #40 w 100% ELS (EXTRA-Long Staple) Egyptian cotton. This means the staple fibers are 10% longer than regular long staple cotton. That translates to LESS lint and MORE strength. Approx. 1.5 in. color change interval. The short change color intervals mean that the colors will flow beautifully through your quilt. Recommended for bed quilts and wall hangings.

  Superior Color Metallics

Metallics is a 40 wt. thread that is strong and durable in construction; it is suitable for use on virtually any fabric. Available in 25 dazzling colors, including 2 variegated colors.  Recommended for use on wall hangings.

  Superior Rainbows Color Polyester

Rainbows is a strong trilobal filament 100% polyester 40 wt. thread. Rainbows is soft enough to sew the most detailed designs and has a sheen that rivals the finest silk. Variegated color intervals are an amazing 1 inch (compared to 8 inches on some other brands). Short, uniform color intervals provide maximum variegated effects. Recommended for use on wall hangings.

  Superior So Fine Color Polyester

So Fine is a 50 wt./3 ply polyester thread. It's ideal for longarm machines. Enjoy no stubs, no lint buildup, and an even twist. Recommended for bed quilts and wall hangings.