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New Ideas For Quilt Projects


If you are looking for ideas for new quilt projects, let us share some that we have collected.

Photo Memory Quilts
With the availability of the home computer and color printer, photo memory quilts are an easy project you can do by yourself. There are some great books with specific instructions and ideas for quilts. We have one client whose husband has taken pictures of all the wonderful flowers in her yard. She has transferred the best ones to fabric and is making a very personalized quilt from them. Just think of all the original quilts you could make: family vacations baby pictures, etc. The possibilities are endless.

T-Shirt Quilts
T-shirts, t-shirts, and more t-shirts. For some reason, America is in love with the t-shirt! T-shirt quilts offer a great way to celebrate the essence of a person through their choices in the t-shirts they’ve collected throughout their lives. You can create a t-shirt quilt from a hand-picked selection of t-shirts that center around a common theme. We helped a client complete a project for her daughter that used t-shirts that her daughter had acquired as she made her way through high school. That quilt is now adorning her daughter’s college dorm room. Other examples are motorcycle logos for that easy rider, sports team t-shirts, college t-shirts for a graduation gift, and many more.

Theme Quilts
Are you a quilter who is a fanatic about some activity or hobby in which you participate besides quilting? Perhaps you have a friend who spends a lot of their spare time in a club or activity. You might consider making a special gift quilt that commemorates their hobby or club. Here are some ideas for Theme Quilts that focus on the enthusiasms of different groups: dog and cat lovers, horse owners, Bible study groups, Ham radio operators, Girl and Boy scouts, book and poetry clubs, antique collectors, golfers, and many more. You can make some fantastic quilts that will be loved by people with these special interests or hobbies.

Baby Quilts
The joy of the arrival of a new baby can be enhanced by a special quilt for the baby. Baby quilts have long been a staple for quilters. When a baby is born, people love to give the gift of a very special baby quilt to the proud parents. Adding some extra creativity can make that quilt even more special. Make the quilt reflect the taste of the giver, or of the new parents. For example, you might use a sports-themed quilt for the new son. You could try an animal theme for the pet loving family, musical notes for the musician, some pictures of the grandparents, religious themes for the devout family, flowers and plants for the gardener, and many more. Graduate beyond the standard pastels and baby rattles!

Wedding Quilts
Just as baby quilts mark the joy of a new arrival, wedding quilts mark the joy of the start of a new chapter in the lives of that special couple. The wedding quilt marks a once in a lifetime occasion that warrants a once in a lifetime quilt. You might want to include photos of both sets of parents, photos of the bride and groom as children, names of all the bridal party embroidered or quilted into the squares, pieces from the mother of the bride’s wedding gown or veil, and so forth. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you will have the quilt ready to present as a wedding present on the special day.

Pet Quilts
For many of us, our pets have become part of the family. Our pets can become very attached to certain things, or places to take a nap. Providing a pet quilt for your pet or your friend’s quilt is a nice way to recognize their special place in our lives. Use a sturdy, machine-washable fabric. Make sure the batting is extra thick so there’s plenty of cushion. Try to coordinate the colors you pick with the room that your pet will be sleeping in. Make sure the pet quilt is not too small or too big for your pet. Dog bones, mice, fire hydrants, and other pet-related themes are a nice touch. We can quilt your pet’s name onto the quilt if you wish. When our pets pass on, it is certainly a sad time. But you can make a photo memory quilt of that dear friend to help you cherish the memories. This makes a nice throw to add to your bedroom or den. These are just a few ideas to help you create that quilt that will become a cherished family heirloom.

Using A Pattern To Fit Your Theme
We have many quilting patterns that you can choose from to fit your quilt theme. Just click on the Patterns link and you will see all the different theme patterns that we use.

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