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Long Arm Terms Explained

Advanced Quilting
This is similar to Basic Quilting, but includes more intricate designs such as fancy flowers, leaves or meandering. Your quilt will have rows of continuous quilting designs that go from one edge of the quilt to the other.

Basic Quilting
These are the simplest and most popular patterns. Your quilt will have rows of continuous quilting designs that go from one edge of the quilt to the other.

Approximately 4 inch spaced machine quilting stitches, both horizontal and vertical, for those who wish to hand quilt.

We purchase batting in 90 inch and 120 inch wide rolls.We use 100% cotton batting, in Natural or White colors. We also offer black batting, 120 inch wide. If you prefer, we can supply the batting for your project. The batting will not have fold marks and will improve the overall appearance of your quilt. If you are shipping to us, you will not have to pay for shipping the batting both directions.

Binding By Hand
2 1/2 inch folded fabric machine stitched to the front of quilt, folded around to the back of the quilt and hand-stitched to the back with mitered corners.

Binding By Machine
2 1/2 inch folded fabric machine stitched to back of quilt and folded to front and machine stitched to quilt front very close to edge of binding material.

Block Pattern
Our quilter uses our Stylaser™ to create a pattern that will fit into a specific block. She can use the same pattern in many different blocks, or use a different pattern in each block. We have many different block patterns to choose from; you can see these in the Patterns section.

Custom quilting
A custom pattern requires a more individualized service that is designed to enhance your quilt’s overall appearance. It might include outlining individual blocks, stippling and meandering in the background, and selectively placed block designs. Custom quilting patterns are determined when you bring your project to our studio.
Free motion designs are also in this category.

Echo Quilting
1/4 inch to 1/2 inch spaced repeating quilting used around applique or pieced work.

Feathers or feathering
Heart shaped forms on both sides of a main stem; can be round, heart shaped, freeform, or can even be used to fill an area.

Freehand or free meandering
No pattern is used; our quilter moves the machine like she is drawing with it. Can be textures such as water, wood, or can be feathers, flower designs, and overall fills. There are many designs to choose from and are chosen to match the fabrics, style and design of the quilt top.

The Gamguide is a special attachment for our Gammill quilting machine that allows our quilter to quilt perfectly straight lines.

Hand-guided machine quilting
Our machine is not "computer-controlled". Our quilter is constantly operating the machine by hand, insuring the pattern filts your quilt and and does not display a "manufactured" appearance.

Heirloom quilting
Dense custom quilting, usually containing motifs and patterns to fit the quilt top.

King Tut Thread
Made from the cream of the crop cotton in Egypt, King Tut Quilting Thread is 100% Extra Long Staple (ELS) Egyptian cotton. Only a small percentage of Egyptian cotton is classified as Extra Long Staple. The staple fibers are 10% longer than Long Staple cotton which means less lint and extra strength. There are sixteen beautiful variegated colors, each with a 1 1/2" color-change interval, meaning the colors will flow through your quilt. King Tut Quilting Thread has the least lint and is the strongest of any cotton thread. 
Click to see a color chart.

Long Arm Machine Quilting
So-called because the quilting machine has a long arm to reach across a wide area for sewing various patterns on the quilt surface.

Continuous curving line, can be small to large. Used as an overall pattern or in specific areas of the quilt.

Pantograph pattern
Our quilter uses our Stylaser™ to create a continuously repeating pattern in rows over the entire quilt, creating a unified look. We have over 100 different patterns to choose from; you can see these in the Pattern section.

Stitch regulator
Maintaining a constant stitch length is important to the overall appearance of your quilt. Our Gammill quilting machine has a special optional computer that senses motion speed in both the x and y axes. The computer automatically adjusts the motor speed based on the motion speed and makes each stitch identical.

Our Gammill quilting machine has an actual red laser that our quilter uses to follow a pantograph pattern. This causes the stitch pattern to be identical to the pantograph pattern.

We use Signature Regular Cotton thread that designed specifically for machine quilters. Made from 100% long staple cotton, it is 3 ply, ct 42 thread, with a tex rating of 40. It will fill the needs of those who want 100% cotton with enough tensile strength to stand up to the demands of our quilting machine's high speed, multi-directional sewing. Mercerizing yields benefits including smoother thread, higher sheen, less fuzz and lint, and improved sewability. Clickto see a color chart.

Raised areas in the quilting design, with additional batting behind these areas.

Variegated Thread
Identical to the thread described above except that it has frequent color changes to offer a unique appearance.
Clickto see a color chart.

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